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Episode 26 - A Story of Hard Work, Grit & Resilience

National Student-Doctor of the Year Teekz Yenpasook talks about his path to becoming a doctor, overcoming numerous difficult challenges throughout the process, and his plans to help open the door for more future doctors. 

Episode 25 - Bringing vaccination to the underserved

COP graduate Dr. Denise Yeung discusses her involvement with the Touro CARES MVP effort, along with her path along the ever-changing pharmacy landscape, her journey as a student at Touro and how MVP volunteers help ease anxiety among the vax-hesitant.

Episode 26 - Keeping Things Fresh: MPH helps with food insecurity

MPH graduate Amy Vang works for the California Department of Social Service's program, CalFresh. At one time, she benefitted from the state nutrition program. Now, as a Touro grad, she's helping ensure vulnerable populations throughout the state don't have to go hungry.

Episode 25 - Paper Trail in the Digital Age

MPH graduate Devin Oates discusses how the State of Vermont is digitizing its health records to make it easier to share an analyze data in real time to help public health professionals have a clear and accurate picture of pending crises. 

Episode 24 - What a pharmacist does

Dr. Brigitte Ouabo, host of the YouTube channel "The Rookie Pharmacist" explores the different avenues available to graduates of pharmacy school. Dr. Ouabo is also an inspiration for many as she overcame many obstacles in order to graduate from Touro University California.

Rookie Pharmacist:

Episode 23 - Is Homeschooling the Right Option for You?

Visions in Education Vice Principal and alumni of TUC's GSOE program Beyonka Marshall shares her expertise as to why some parents choose to homeschool their children, dispels some misconceptions about homeschooling, and discusses why it's a good option for some students.

Episode 22 - Screening and Treatment: Battling prediabetes and diabetes

Touro faculty member and College of Pharmacy alumni Dr. Clipper Young discusses what prediabetes is, why it's important to treat it and to manage Type II diabetes, and ways to screen to see if you have a prediabetic condition. 

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Episode 21 - Connecting with Mental Health Services

MPH grads Alaina Star and Valentina Kelly discuss a grant-funded project, Solano Connex, which helps people in need of mental health services with clinics and providers in the area that are as close as a simple app away. 

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Episode 20 - Regina Woo, MS - Maintaining Community During Covid

MSMHS grad and COM student Regina Woo tells how the community-focused student body maintained that sense of camaraderie and unity when COVID caused such disruptions to daily life.

Episode 19 - Verna Sabio, MSN - Tackling Vaccine Hesistancy

Nursing grad and current FNP student Verna Sabio talks about the different ways she uses compassion, understanding and a sprinkling of facts and science to help ease the concerns of those who are still hesitant about getting a COVID vaccine. 

Episode 18 - Shalaya Yazdi, MPH - Building Community from Within

MSMHS grad and current COM student Shalaya Yazdi, MPH, explains the struggles of keeping Touro's strong sense of campus community and commitment to the external community going during the pandemic.

Episode 17 - Dr. Jasmine Singh - A Voice in the Darkness

"The Jazzy Doc," Dr. Jasmine Singh recounts how she became involved in psychiatric medicine, the mental toll of COVID-19, and why and how it is important to seek mental health treatment for symptoms both large and small.  Connect with Dr. Singh IG: @thejazzydoc

Episode 16 - Lauren Williams, PA-C, MPH - Inside PA Life: The Day-to-Day of a Care Provider

PA graduate Lauren Williams takes us inside the daily life of a Physician Assistant, as well as how her time with the Student Run Free Clinic and Touro's focus on diabetes helped prepare her for her day-to-day tasks.

Episode 15 - Dr. Ben Abo - Surfside Collapse: Anatomy of a Disaster

COM alum Dr. Ben Abo shares his experiences on scene with Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue during the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, Florida, June 24, as well as his experiences working with the History Channel and his inspiration for developing the Touro Bull mascot. 

Episode 14 - Nikitia Hardwick - From Student to Teacher: Staying the Course

Nursing professor Niki Hardwick followed a long and daunting path to go from working nurse, to undergrad degree, to master's degree and now finally nursing instructor. Find out her words of encouragement for young nurses and students of all types.

Episode 13 - Dr. Fatima Hernandez - Bridging the Cultural Divide

College of Pharmacy grad Dr. Fatima Hernandez discusses ways medical providers can better interact with Hispanic/Latino patients, as well as her efforts to increase the numbers of Hispanic/Latino healthcare students. 

Episode 12 - Dr. Zoe Lehman and Dr. Greg Weygandt - What did students D.O. during the pandemic?

Recent Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine graduates Dr. Zoe Lehman and Dr. Greg Weygandt discuss the anxiety and challenges that came with finishing their final years of medical school during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 11 - Dr. Joy Moverley - So wait, what is a PA?

Physician Assistants fill an important role in the healthcare industry and it's likely most of us have been treated by a PA at some point or another. There's only one question. What is a PA? No worries. Dr. Joy Moverley, a PA program grad, associate professor and Associate Program Director of the Joint MSPAS/MPH program at Touro is here to sort out the history and future of PAs in our nation. 

Episode 10 - Dr. Ben Malcolm - Magic Mushrooms and More

TUC College of Pharmacy alumni Dr. Ben Malcolm discusses research and medical applications of psychedelic substances like psilocybin.
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Episode 9 - Jared Austin - Charter School Crash Course

TUC's GSOE alumnus Jared Austin, Executive Director of Kairos Public Schools in Vacaville, talks about how his faculty and student body have grown, how charter schools are similar to and different from public and private schools, and how the team at Kairos has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 8 - Dr. Henry Szeto (30 Minutes)

henry szeto

Episode 8- April 19, 2021
Picture This!   

TUCCOM grad Dr. Henry Szeto takes us inside the growing specialty of Interventional Radiology, which is helping doctors see inside the human body with greater detail and accuracy than ever before. 

Dr. Henry Szeto 

Henry Szeto, DO is currently a PGY-2 Integrated Interventional Radiology resident at Christiana Care in Newark, DE. He graduated from Touro University, California College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2019. He is passionate about education, mentoring medical students, and improving awareness of interventional radiology. In his free time, you can find him exploring local restaurants, breweries, and national parks. Feel free to say hi on Twitter @DO_Angio

Episode 7 - Dr. Rachna Patel (30 Minutes)

brooke schneider

Episode 7- April 5, 2021
Cannabis in Medicine  

Hear about Dr. Patel's journey into her career as a medical marijuana practitioner and how her career has evolved since her time at TUC. 

Dr. Rachna Patel 


Dr. Patel ventured into the field of Cannabinoid Medicine in 2012.  In 2014, she started her own practice. She's published a book in partnership with Penguin Random House, reviews articles for Insider Inc., has established a YouTube channel, and most importantly dedicates her time to educating other medical professionals about Cannabinoids.

Episode 6 - Dr. Brooke Schneider (30 Minutes)

brooke schneider

Episode 6- March 29, 2021
Being Women Strong 

TUC grad Dr. Brooke Schneider discusses how she got into the field a psychiatry, as well as the evolution of the modern women's empowerment movement.  

Dr. Brooke Schneider

Dr. Brooke Schneider is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist practicing integrative psychiatry in Fort Collins, Colorado. Outside of work she enjoys snowboarding, skiing, playing soccer, practicing yoga, relaxing and laughing with friends and family, and mothering her joyful, strong, and spunky daughter! 

Episode 5 - Ari Ramos (30 Minutes)

ari ramos

Episode 5- March 22, 2021
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Public Health alum Ari Ramos tells of her role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discusses the challenges she faced during a 2018 trek where she jogged from Jacksonville, Fla, to Santa Monica, Ca. on her own.   

Ari Ramos, MPH

Ari is a South Lake Tahoe public health advocate and is currently coordinating medical teams to assist with the pandemic. In 2018, she ran from Florida to California to promote her healthy lifestyle campaign and she plans to continue her advocacy work with more projects. 

Episode 4 - Lisa Gottfried (30 Minutes)

lisa gottfried

Episode 4- March 15, 2021
Vaccines & In-Person Teaching

Join us as we speak with Lisa about how districts have and will handle in-person instruction.  

Lisa Gottfried, M.Ed.

Lisa Gottfried, M.Ed., is in her eighth year of teach Digital Design, Game Design and Video Storytelling for the flagship New Technology High School in Napa. In 2017, she was recognized internationally for Innovation in Education with Blog Portfolios through and also won the "Innovation in the Classroom" grant from the California Educational Research Association in 2015 for her Educational Games Project. She is currently an adjunct professor for Touro University, California in the Innovative Education Masters program.

Episode 3 - Melody Reyes (30 Minutes)

melody reyes

Episode 3- March 8, 2021
Stethoscopes and Yoga

Join Melody Reyes as we talk about her work as a PA, her yoga practice, and ways she mentors pre-med students.  

Melody Reyes, PA-C, MPH

Melody Reyes is a practicing PA-C, MPH in the greater Los Angeles area and is the founder and creator of @stethoscopesandyoga. She has practiced in Family Medicine, Urgent Care, and Emergency Medicine while also having a large social media following, website, and blog. There is  speaks about practicing medicine, offers mentoring to medical students, creates Medical Spanish tutorials, and shares her personal yoga practice. 

Episode 2 - Jennifer Ellison (30 Minutes)

Jen ellison headshot

Episode 2- March 1, 2021
Distance Learning and Documentaries

Join Jennifer Ellison as we speak about distance learning and a documentary featuring her classroom. 

Jennifer Ellison, M.Ed

Jennifer Ellison currently teaches 5th grade at Phillips Magnet Elementary School.  She is focused on empowering students to use their voices in their community. She lives with her husband and two children, where they spend their days trying to please their two demanding cats.

Episode 1 - Dr. Tami Hendriksz (29 Minutes)

Dr. Tami Hendriksz

Episode 1- February 15, 2021
Children in Crisis

Join Dr. Hendriksz in a discussion on how events like political unrest, COVID and more adversely affect children’s mental and physical health.

Dr. Tami Hendriksz, FACOP, FAAP

Dr. Hendriksz is a Professor of Pediatrics and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine.  She also practices pediatrics, and serves as the Medical Director for the Vallejo City Unified School Based Clinics.

Episode 0 - Introduction (16 Minutes)

Join our host, Bill Hicks, with Advancement Associate Vice President Andrea Garcia, and Alumni Engagement Officer Scott Cooper as we preview the show's format, purpose and tone.

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