Alumni Mentorship Program FAQ’s 

What is the goal of the TUC Alumni Mentoring Program?

The goal of the program offer every student a unique opportunity to develop relationships with alumni and allow him or her to explore the information and advice related to academic and professional development. It builds a synergy between present students and the alumni and leads to developing a strong global network.

Who’s going to manage, coordinate and oversee the program?

Brigit Perez, Director of Alumni Relations and Andrew Cronan, Director Career and Professional Development.

How does the program work?

We ask that you fill out the Mentor form for alumni and the Student form for students, and then you will be matched by the Directors of Alumni Relations and Career and professional development at the beginning of the fall semester. The matches will be reevaluated at the beginning of each semester and re-match as needed.

How is the mentoring program structured?

We keep the program unstructured so that it can easily fit into a busy lifestyle. We provide tips and tools that are helpful to keep the conversation going.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment for the program is as short as one semester and as long as you and your mentee want to spend on the program.

How many times may a TUC Alumni member participate in the program?

TUC Alumni may participate as many times as they would like to in the TUC Alumni Mentoring Program.

How will the TUC Alumni mentors and mentees be paired?

Students and Alumni are thoughtfully paired based on a variety of factors including course of study and career aspirations. It is important to note that student protégés and alumni mentors may not have the exact major or career but we believe our alumni mentors have much more to offer than just career advice! All professional, personal, academic and life experiences are valuable to share. 

What ongoing support should we make available to mentees?

Try to communicate with your mentee as often as you both can. The contact communication can be a mix of phone calls, email, personal meetings if possible, etc.

How many mentees will I have if I am a mentor?

​As a mentor, you will only be paired with as many mentees as you see fit.