Catherine LengCatherine Leng, DO, COM 2014

Catherine Leng was born in Houston, Texas as an only child. She has a lot of Texas pride and loves visiting her parents, whom she is very close to.  The majority of her extended family are in Taiwan, whom she visits once or twice a year. Catherine's major (and most expensive) hobby is travel. She has travelled to over thirty countries and hopes to add to this number every year.

Catherine was given the privilege of studying Osteopathic Medicine at Touro University after she completed her Economics Degree at Emory University. She immediately fell in love with the Golden State and knew that she would have to return after graduating from her Family Medicine residency in Connecticut.

She met her husband at residency the first day of orientation, and they have been happily married since December of 2016. They are both proud to be practicing physicians at Kaiser Permanente in the Central Valley and are blessed to return to California to serve its population. 

Q: What got you inspired to practice medicine?

A: My biggest inspiration to practice medicine began with caring for my grandmother after recovering from a toenail removal. The simple act of caring for my first patient prompted me to switch from pre-law to pre-med during my undergraduate education. I can comfortably say that this was one of the best career choices I made.  I have since graduated from Touro College of Medicine in 2014, proceeded to complete my family medicine residency training in Connecticut in 2017, and have moved back to practice medicine in Northern California . 

Q: What is it like practicing at Kaiser in the Central Valley?

A: Since starting my adult outpatient medicine practice a little less than a year ago, I enjoy the continuity of care for my panel of 1800 patients. Practicing medicine at Kaiser has given me a unique opportunity to be especially busy but also equally efficient in my work. My husband and I chose to work in the Central Valley due to the people we met. I enjoy interacting with my patients and colleagues and appreciate their attitude of gratefulness. A typical 8-hour workday includes about 20-25 patient encounters which include office visits and telephone appointments. There is also a large amount of paperwork that is inevitable with any modern medicine practice. I learned to manage this after undergoing a steep learning curve on time management and work efficiency.

Q: In what ways have you been trying to improve your community?

A: In addition to my involvement on the Touro Alumni Board, I have been focusing on my patient practice as a means to community service. The Central Valley is a unique and growing demographic which is lacking in socioeconomic support for its residents. I try to emphasize a holistic perspective on medical care when treating my patients. Specifically, I emphasize self-care through a healthy lifestyle and diet in addition to a focus on spiritual and emotional well being.

Q: What can you say is the most rewarding about traveling?

A: The most rewarding experiences through travel are meeting people and learning about different cultures. I love to learn about how life is lived outside of the United States. Of course, the icing on the cake is being able to visit many breathtaking sights and scenery. My favorite trips include seeing beautiful Scandinavia and touring on river cruises in Germany. My bucket list is to visit as many foreign places as possible, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Norway Fjords, and to go on a Mediterranean Cruise!