Interview with New Class of 2019 Doctor of Pharmacy Ryan Hoh, Co-author of Five Publications While at TUC

Ryan Ho, Pharm D, COP 2019 
Pictured L to R: Drs. Ryan Hoh, Shane Desselle, and Julia Lui

Where will your residency be and what are you most eager to experience there?

My residency will be at Kaiser Permanente San Jose and I am eager to work one-on-one with patients in a variety of ambulatory care settings and make a positive impact on their ability to manage their chronic diseases.

Publications in which Dr. Hoh was a contributing author with Dr. Shane Desselle while at TUC

  • Evolutions in Pharmacy Practice Welcome Change and Further Contemplation of Pharmacy Technician Roles and Supervision
  • Pharmacy technician self-efficacies: Insight to aid future education, staff development, and workforce planning
  • The caring behaviours of Danish pharmaconomists: insight for pharmacy technician practice around the world
  • Work Preferences and General Abilities Among US Pharmacy Technicians and Danish Pharmaconomists
  • Engaging Pharmacy Technicians to Participate in More Effective Roles for Providing Patient Services (In the Review Process)

How have you grown as a researcher while here at the College of Pharmacy?

I was fortunate to begin researching with Dr. Shane Desselle during my second year of pharmacy school and have worked with him on a handful of different projects that have resulted in publications. I have gained much respect for the difficult, time-consuming work that goes into research and have learned a lot about the unique aspects of conducting research in the social sciences. 

Under the tutelage Dr. Desselle, I have learned how to develop and implement surveys, how to conduct interviews, and about the rigorous back-and-forth work of publishing in a peer-reviewed journal. What’s your favorite aspect of your research?

My favorite aspect of our research was what I learned about pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians are often under appreciated, but are vital cogs in a functioning pharmacy. In addition, as the role of pharmacists are constantly evolving, pharmacy technicians are a key part in the advancement of our profession. Pharmacy technicians aspire to be better by taking on greater responsibilities despite working in an increasingly stressful environment. This makes them the perfect candidates to take on some of the roles that were previously held by pharmacists as pharmacists transition to emerging roles on the healthcare team.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

One of my biggest inspirations in both my personal and professional life is my girlfriend, Julia. We have been together for nearly 12 and a half years now and have experienced all of our adult life together including high school, college and now, graduating pharmacy school. She is my inspiration because we push each other to become the best versions of our selves and to constantly improve. She is here for me when I have had a rough day and need to vent and she challenges me when she knows I can do better. We have seen each other at our best and worst times and will always be there to support each other. I strive to be my best not for myself, but for us and our future.