Marcus Chen, MSPAS/MPH 2020


marcus chen

As a future provider who has experienced marginalization (including in healthcare access), I realize I have the privilege of understanding and influencing the healthcare system in a way that many community members cannot. At Touro I have found my voice in leadership, advocacy, and community service; highlights include advocacy work towards a more inclusive curriculum as well as serving on an advisory council working towards provision of culturally competent care.

This scholarship is meaningful to me because it represents the continuity of support from TUC alumni since before I started school, when I was fortunate to have shadowed and received valuable mentorship from a Touro grad of my program, to now as a 2nd year PA/MPH student recipient of the TUC Alumni Scholarship. The funds have been a great help this semester while I am traveling frequently for away rotations. I sincerely appreciate having my social-justice-oriented work recognized because much of it has been motivated by having faced and overcome adversity.






Charles Clements, MD, MPH, one of the letter of recommendation writers, states the following about Marcus: 

“Marcus has only been at Touro University California about 18 months and he’s made enormous contributions to the University, the College of Education and Health Sciences, and to the Joint MSPAS & MPH Program in that short time.  Almost all of these contributions are social justice related and began when he chose to be a candidate for the Diversity Chair, because of his personal interest in supporting/addressing all kinds of diversity -- racial, socio-economic, gender, etc. Because of his previous healthcare experience in the Bay Area, Marcus has been particularly helpful in assisting his classmates as well as the faculty understand the complexities of providing healthcare to the LGBTQI community. He has worked with faculty and students to create events on campus, he has provoked conversations that have led to changes in our curriculum, and he has helped connect Touro to many leaders in these communities. I would like to emphasize that Marcus has done this in his typically quiet, unassuming, and highly collaborative manner such I’m reminded of Lao Tzu’s famous saying: A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”