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Internal Alumni Email Requests

Complete the form below and you will receive confirmation of its receipt by the Advancement Office within 24 hours. If you do not receive notification of receipt from a staff member, please email tuc.advancement@tu.edu .

REMINDER: Requests must be received 1 week before target send date for non-events or 6-8 weeks before notice of an event.

NOTE: EMAIL ATTACHMENTS are NOT permitted through our software, being a bulk email provider. The only image formats accepted are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif with a maximum 600 horizontal pixels. Please upload any other documents you wish to relate to your email via OU Campus on your college's website and a link can be placed in the body of the email to that location. 

STUDENTS & ALUMNI: Please note these pages are only for TUC faculty and staff requests. Please refer to instructions found on the Student Services pages regarding transcripts, diplomas, verifications, certifications, leaves of absence, regalia, etc.

Email Drafting Policy

  1. After receiving confirmation from the Advancement Office, you may be asked to clarify information. No work starts on the email until you have responded to communications from our offices after the initial request. 
  2. After a timeline for completion of your email message has been established by the Advancement Office, you (and other staff editors you provide below if applicable) will receive a drafted message.
    • NOTE: All emails will come from tuc.alumni@tu.edu unless you indicate otherwise. All drafted email messages will be titled with ***DRAFT*** at the front of the subject line.
  3. After you receive the drafted message (with ***DRAFT*** in the subject line), you must respond to the Advancement Office with your approval or request for additional edits.
  4. If all parties are in agreement of finalized message, it will be sent according to deployment date entered below. Any delays to the above steps can result in a change to the deployment date of the email. The Advancement and University Communications reserve the right to edit alumni communications in accordance with University policies.