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Internal Alumni Data/Communication Requests

Office of University Alumni Relations
in coordination with
Office of University Communications

Thank you for contacting the Office of Alumni Relations regarding your interest in contacting TUC alumni. In order to process your request, please complete one of the appropriate forms below with as much information as you can provide.* Questions or suggestions can be made to the Advancement Office at tuc.advancement@tu.edu. Requests must adhere to the following deadlines:

  • Email Requests: 1 week before target send date for non-events or 6-8 weeks before notice of an event
  • Letter Requests: 2-3 weeks before target send date
  • Alumni Data Requests: 1-2 weeks before data delivery
  • Alumni Events Requests: 6-12 months before target send date (more advance notice will improve event's viability)

Email Requests

Letter Requests

Alumni Data


Alumni Event


Requests can ONLY be made by approved TUC Faculty & Staff in accordance with your program. See your program's contact for further information.

STUDENTS & ALUMNI: Please note these pages are only for TUC faculty and staff requests. Please refer to instructions found on the Student Services pages regarding transcripts, diplomas, verifications, certifications, leaves of absence, regalia, etc.

*Non-compliance with the instructions on these pages can result in the delay of your request.